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Our School

    Seton Falls Elementary School, PS111X is a Pre-K through Grade 5 School. The current enrollment is 693 students. Our population is comprised of: 65% Black, 33% Hispanic, less than 1% Native American, Asian and White. 80 of our students are English Language Learners, 86% come from economically disadvantaged homes and 23% have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Our students are 45% males and 55% females. PS111X offers students many opportunities to participate in various activities throughout the day that are both engaging and enriching. Children are actively involved in the arts, music, technology, science, physical education, and so much more. All programs endeavor to increase their love of learning, knowledge and to give them a feeling of self-respect and self-confidence.

    Parents are an integral part of the PS111X family. They are always encouraged to participate in the many workshops that are given, so that they can be more aware of ways that they can help their children succeed. Workshops are presented in English, Spanish, Sign, or any other language needed, with interpreters available upon request. Notices are sent home in languages that accommodate the needs of the parents.

    Since children learn by doing, "hands-on" is a major part of the learning process at PS111X. There are currently five Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classes. This model is comprised of two teachers and a ratio of 60% regular education children to 40% special education children. The learning modality for all of our students is differentiated instruction, needs based, data driven and rigorous.

    In order to create a productive learning environment, teachers analyze and use the data to drive instruction. Each child is looked at as an individual. Their needs are analyzed and instruction geared to their learning style.. Each teacher has an assessment binder in which each child's data is stored, used and updated according to the benchmarks set.

    The Cross-Age Tutoring Program is quite successful. The first and fifth graders work together as "tutors" for each other. This year we are piloting breakfast in the classroom where students will eat together and build positive relationships. They will take trips together, read to each other and support one another.

PS111X is a family in every sense of the word!